Harold Kim

Product Designer at Citizen in New York City. Formerly on Google Maps, Sheets, Drive, and Venmo.

Like many designers that got their start in the 2000s, I was customizing MySpace and Xanga pages. That taught me basic HTML and Photoshop, and from there I started making webcomics with my friends. I didn't know it at the time, but I was developing skills for storytelling, visual design, and web development.

Jump forward to 2008. The iPhone and App Store had just come out, and Twitter was filled with inventive minds creating and sharing ways to harness the potential of this world-changing device. By being a part of that community, I got my first internship, a second one, and eventually contract work with a startup named Venmo. The rest is history.

Despite the changes technology has brought since then, I remain optimistic about its ability to augment human potential and bring people together to solve big problems. I'm inspired by and seek out teams doing their part to shape technology in ways that benefit our society.

In my free time, I like to cycle, make Korean food, and draw.

Projects & Teams