April 4 2018
Seoul, South Korea
In a parallel universe, I rent a small shop in Seoul. It's a combination dance floor dumpling bar and you're invited.
Once you get out of Hapjeong station at exit 2, hook a left at the antiques shop and walk to the end of this alley. It's dimly lit, but you'll see a pink neon sign in the shape of a dancing dumpling-- that's the spot. If you choose to cycle over, there is of course a bike rack out front.
On the first floor I've got Asian beers, soju, and Korean banchans like kimchi and pickled radish. But more importantly: $1 bowls of instant noodles (Shin Ramen, the spicy kind with premium dried vegetables) and handmade pan-fried dumplings. I make pork or veggie friendly kimchi dumplings and if you know the secret menu you can get steamed dumplings IN your ramen.
Downstairs you'll find an intimate dance floor for 50 people, tops. It's loud enough that you'll wanna work up a sweat, but just enough so you can still carry a conversation without screaming into your friend's face. Listen to sweet beats, show off your moves, make some friends, then come back upstairs for a cold beer and take-away dumplings before you grab a cab home or continue your night elsewhere.
Come again soon.