I prototype ideas and design interactions for Google in Sydney, Australia.

Designing products ain't easy. You gotta: Meet your users. Understand their needs. Dream up a dozen solutions. Throw out the bad ones. Design the best ones. Prototype. Test. Design again. Test again. Build. Deliver. And do it all again, because user needs always change.

It's a lot of steps, and many places for things to go wrong.

The factors that make our products delightful – user focus, thoughtful interaction, and visual polish – often get lost in translation or compromised en route to implementation. This is where my prototypes come in. I bridge gaps in communication between visual design, product management, and software engineering to make sure execution isn’t compromised. Ideas are cheap, execution is everything.

Prior to joining Google, I developed web-based products for Inkling and designed Venmo’s mobile payment apps. I've done product-level thinking, information architecture, visual design, and front-end engineering. It takes a loose mixture of them all to do what I do best: carry an idea from seedling to prototype through to execution.

Harold Kim, 2015.