I'm Harold Kim.

I'm a designer on Google Sheets in New York City. Before that, I spent five years in Sydney, Australia working on Google Maps's public transport product and Google Drive's mobile apps. I like cycling, making Korean food, and doodling.

"Tell me more", you say.

What have I learned in the 8+ years I've been designing digital products? It's not simple.

You gotta meet your users.
Understand their needs.
Dream up a dozen solutions.
Throw out the bad ones.
Design the good ones.
Prototype. Test.
Realize you fucked it up.
Design again. Test again.
Build. Deliver.

And do it again, because user needs always change.

It's a lot of steps, and many places for things to go wrong.

The factors that make our products delightful (user empathy, thoughtful interaction, and visual polish) often get lost in translation or compromised en route to implementation. This is where I come in as a designer. I bridge gaps in communication between visual design, product management, and software engineering to make sure product execution isn’t compromised.

Prior to joining Google, I developed web-based products for Inkling and designed Venmo’s mobile payment apps. I've done product visioning, sprint workshops, information architecture, visual design, and front-end engineering. It takes a loose mixture of them all to do what I do best: support a product from initial idea to launch.

"I've heard enough", you say.