A sweet picture of me

I design products for Google in Sydney, Australia.

Design and prototyping work with the Google Apps team
Graduated from Carnegie Mellon University
New York City
Worked with Venmo to update their mobile payment apps for iPhone and Android. Also provided design guidance for The Economist's online debate platform
San Francisco
Developed websites and mobile interactions for Inkling
New York City
Internship with Arc90 (Readability & Kindling) as a front-end engineer and design consultant

Designing products ain't easy. You gotta meet your users, understand their needs. Dream up a dozen solutions, throw out the bad ones. Design the best ones, prototype, and test. Design again, test again. Build, refine, and deliver. And do it all again, because user needs always change.

That's a lot of steps, and also many chances for ideas to get lost in translation.

The factors that make our products delightful – user focus, thoughtful interaction, and visual polish – often get compromised en route to implementation ..and I make sure that doesn't happen. I bridge gaps in communication between visual design, product management, and software engineering to make sure execution isn’t compromised. Ideas are cheap, execution is everything.

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Love, Harold