Design & Prototyping

Harold Kim

I prototype ideas and design interactions for Google in Sydney, Australia.

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past projects

Venmo – Venmo marries your phone and wallet into a mobile app that allows you to pay back friends. No fees. Working with the product lead, I redesigned the Venmo's mobile apps with an emphasis on streamlining core interactions. 2011-12, New York
The Economist – Tasked with exploring designs for a debate platform, our team of 5 collected research, prototypes, and ideas over 8 weeks. 2012, Pittsburgh
Teudu – Teudu considers what a paper-less college bulletin board would look like. After a semester of design, user-testing, and engineering, our team of 5 constructed a motion-tracking digital screen and an accompanying content management system. 2012, Pittsburgh
Inkling – Inkling gives digital textbooks more respect than repurposing PDFs for iPads. As a design intern, I wireframed new products and prototyped interactions. I also developed their home page. 2011, San Francisco


Most Recent Talk

UX Australia 2013, Prototype or Die!
Hands-on workshop to help you understand the benefits of prototyping, how to embed it into your existing product cycle, and use them for usability testing! 2013, Melbourne

Current Status

Currently working full-time in Sydney, Australia. Unavailable for freelance work.

Brain Spouts

Blog: hcokim.tumblr

Twitter: @hcokim

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